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Do you love WHERE you live, but not the home that you live in?

Let us build you a new home that you will LOVE

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Have you outgrown your home?

Have you been thinking of moving because your current home is old, outdated, too small or does not have a functional layout?

What if you already love WHERE you live, but you don't exactly love the HOME that you live in?

Is your home too small? Do you wish that you had more bedrooms or bathrooms? Do you only have 1 or 2 bathrooms?

Is your kitchen old? Too small? Not enough cabinets and drawer space? Would you like your kitchen to be bigger? new? and more modern?

Location. Location. Location.

Where you live is a big deal.

South Tampa and Plant High School are the perfect examples. What if you already lived in South Tampa and didn't want to move, but you are outgrowing your home and want an upgrade?

It would be hard to find a home there for a reasonable price because of market conditions.

What other options do you have? Either pay the high prices or move out.

What if you already had a lot with an old home, all you had to do was tear it down and build a new home?

We take care of everything.

We can build you a brand new home where you already live!

If you want a new home, but do not want to leave where you live. Our build on your lot program is perfect for you!

If you don't love your current home...

Imagine if we could build you a new, modern home. A home that is bigger, brand new, and has a more functional layout to fit today's lifestyle.

Why Arjen Homes for Your Build On Your Lot

We specialize in urban building and are known for our modern, innovative homes. Tampa is an advancing and forward-thinking community. We realize that your home should not only reflect your style and preferences, but it should match the community that you live in as well.

Our focus is on building semi-custom spec homes with custom finishes and modern upgrades. We take pride in building such a high-quality, premium home that when a client comes and tries to upgrade, there is not much more that you need to upgrade. 

We know that the most important factor throughout the building of your home is regular communication. We promise to be regularly available for any questions or concerns involving the building process and are always willing to schedule on-site meetings and walk-throughs.

We also understand time is an important factor for you. That’s why we have a timely construction period. We understand that building and moving your family into your new home is our most important task. We are highly detail oriented and diligent, but we will never sacrifice the quality of your home for quicker construction. When you work with us you will know that when we build your home you will get the expertise of a timely construction combined with quality craftsmanship.

We are a family owned and operated, we offer superior quality, efficiency, industry-leading warranty coverage, and advanced customer service. We guarantee and provide service for our product because we stand behind what we build.

Integrity, competency, quality, excellence, and passion run deep in our roots. With our experience, creativity, and understanding of the construction market, your home-building process is sure to be smooth, ending with the home you have always dreamed of. Your vision is our undertaking; your dream, our guarantee. With our extreme attention to detail throughout the construction process, we ensure many years of satisfaction.

When you choose us you know that your home will not only have the highest quality construction and design but that the home will last the test of time. You will love your new home on your lot!

Our Homes are Different

  • The minute you see one of our homes you can notice the difference, inside and out.
  • We don't settle, we are always looking to improve our homes.
  • We use beyond the highest codes of construction and do more that not only impact your utilities & energy efficiency.
  • We go above and beyond what's necessary for terms of construction quality which means you will have a quality built home that will last the test of time and the elements.

We are Different

  • Our standard features are higher than standard. They are premium features.
  • Our designs are modern and fit today's family & lifestyle.
  • Our team works for you to build a home that fits your wants and needs
  • We are bringing new designs and we can modify any of our old ones.
  • There's no red tape you speak and talk directly with the builder. No corporate hassles.
  • We make the process simpler and easier for you. We handle everything for you, with no surprises.
  • No extra or random charges. 

1. Initial Meeting

We meet and you get to know our team, who will be handling construction and everyone involved. Even the builder.

We also talk logistics, help you figure out your wants & needs, budgeting, financing, and living accommodations during the build process.

Here we get to know each other and figure out how we can help you build your dream home.

2. Lot Consultation & Our Due Diligence 

We handle the survey and figure everything out for you. 

This is when we do all of our due diligence such as zoning, setbacks, restrictions, water/sewer, site inspection, trees, and other preliminary work.

We get to know your lot so that we can be ready to build your new home. This can take 1 to 2 weeks to get everything figured out.

3. Client Pre-Approval

We help you get your financing in order.

You do not have to use our preferred lenders, we have some who are really great at what they do. However, we believe you should use whoever is the best for you.

4. Model Selection & Modifications 

We help you find the best-suited home to fit you and your family. Then we make any necessary modifications to fit what you want.

Once we have finished the due diligence and customization of your plan then we can give an accurate estimate.

5. Sign Contract

Then you sign off on the contract, plans, and specs.

6. City Review & Closing

While we are preparing for the closing, the city reviews and approves your plans. Once the city signs off on your plans we can close on your home. 

This can take 1 to 2 months.

7. Construction

Construction from start to finish can take 5 to 7 months.

We will maintain regular communication to keep you updated on your new home. As well as allow you to schedule on-site meetings and walkthroughs.

8. You Move In!

Worst case: 13 months

Best case: 7 months

What Our Build On Your Lot Price Includes

** Price includes the total package with no surprises

We handle and simplify everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Surveys
  • Permits
  • Engineering & Plans
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Impact Fees (Transportation & School)
  • Site Clearing
  • CIAC Fees
  • Tree Replacement
  • Demolition
  • Build (Labor & Materials)
  • Close-out documents
  • Builders Risk Insurance
  • Energy Calculations
  • Truss Engineering
  • City Review and Inspection Fees

Your Process

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