Freshly Roasted Coffee

If you love coffee like we do you will love Tampa!

Brew Good and Do Good

Buddy Brew

A local roaster that originated in Tampa, but has now expanded further. They offer their own local storefront locations, but can also be found in some supermarkets, such as Publix. 

With a passion for brewing high-quality coffee, they have a core belief in offering freshly roasted & meticulously prepared coffee.

Buddy Brew can be found all over Tampa as well as in Sarasota.

Speakeasy-inspired Coffee

Blind Tiger

The minute you enter one of their cafes you can feel the difference. Blind Tiger has a knack for not just using any old coffee bean, instead, they find the bean that offers a unique flavor experience. The culture and atmosphere is not something you will find anywhere else.

They have locations in Ybor, Seminole Heights, and SoHo (South Howard).

A "specialty coffee" shop dedicated to the art of craft coffee

Foundation Coffee

Foundation Coffee is on a mission to serve great coffee, with a great community, in awe of the great outdoors and what it produces for us.

From outdoor landscaping to construction, and then to coffee. The founder of Foundation Coffee has a love for the community.

Good Coffee Speaks for Itself

Kahwa Coffee

Born from the origin of coffee. Coffee was first discovered in the Kaffe region in Ethiopia. The Turkish name given to coffee, “kahve” evolved to “qahwa” in Arabic. However, kahwa was the original name for coffee.

Kahwa Coffee first started in St. Petersburg but has now ventured into Tampa. They only select 100% high-quality Arabica beans. They focus on bringing a quality and consistent product.

New Coffee Offers A New Outlook

The Lab

The lab has a foundational belief in creating a new coffee experience for their customers. They are innovative and constantly changing their coffee in order to consistently offer new experiences.

The Best Things In Life Are Shared

Commune & Co

A cup of coffee, a meal, a conversation.

Believes in sharing experiences with others. It's not just a cup of coffee, it's a moment in life you can share with a friend. Experiences are not fully loved or enjoyed unless they are shared with other people.

"Sparking up conversations, with perfect strangers and dreaming up adventures."

Good Beards, Better Coffee 

Ginger Beard Coffee

Known for their specialization in nitrogen infused cold brew coffee.

The offer several different rotating taps of coffee, which provides unique coffee experiences. The name grew from the founders amazing ginger beards. 

As we find more we will let you know! 

More to come...

More Coffee!

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